. “Hello! I’m Triple-Zero and I’m looking forward immensely to torturing you today.” — Triple-Zero (marvel comics)

Signs its time for professional help

You can’t login to your WordPress admin panel

Your WordPress site is redirecting to another website

Your WordPress site contain illegitimate links

Google is marking your website as insecure

You hosting company sent you an email telling you there’s a problem

Your website is showing an odd message instead of the home page

Your website is down, removed by hosting

You’re really busy and don’t have time for this stuff

Other annoying problems

Your website loads slow or shows a 500, 501, 503, or 504 error

What Brooke will do about it

Back up everything and look at htacess and wp config
Replace most of you wordpress files
Reload content if needed
Reinstall if needed
Check all logs ins to wordpress and database and make secure
Talk to hosting for you
Add security plugins and set up
Estimate: starting at $400

I recommend monthly maintenance going forward to make sure your website is clean and that you are following safe WordPress practices . If it happens again I’m on it, Its an emergency!