Basic website setup thoughts

Before you start, decide what you want the website to do for you.

Ask yourself who the audience is and what they want from you. People need to know what your website is about instantly. Don’t assume they know why they are there. Follow thru on what you are offering and ask visitors to do something.


Many people look at other websites for inspiration. Write down features that you like. Sketch if you can. You may have colors or imagery you already use.  Think about how you can get images and what you want people to see. We want continuity in fonts, text sizes and color and should have a style sheet.


Don’t go over board on tons of text and pages. 300 – 900 words per page is fine. Is your focus appealing? In other words, does anybody care? Are you explaining enough? Too much?

Your website name

Try searching for a suitable name at InterNic to see if the domain names you like are available before you purchase it (or them) from a domain hosting company. This is to prevent a sneaky company from buying the domains you are looking for before you get a chance to buy them.  Domains cost $12 to $15 per year. It might help if you domain name isn’t really long or hard to spell.


Expect to spend around $75 – $115  per year on hosting, this is where your web pages will live.


I like to build in WordPress, It’s economical for you and a good way for you to manage changing information. You will want to create promotions, WordPress does this well. WordPress integrates with a large amount of other systems which is great.