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Keep your content short!

I received an email from wordpress and their article about short content posts.

Does microblogging make sense for your business?

If you like twitter or instagram then you probably already know the value of a micro post platform. You might see traffic to your website, but well organized content is probably a good idea for having a website that googles well and converts.  The article says people want to read material of a 1000 words or less. The argument for a long post might be for SEO purposes only. But I have had good results with key word stuffed posts of only 300 words, with properly tagged images and several external links.  You could go more than 300 words on an informative post that shows your expertise in your field that you push to social media.  Here’s some thoughts on how to make a long post readable.

  • Break it up with bullet points

Design wise I hate bullet points, but they do work to make a post scan better, or at least get people to read the most import points.

Get to the point 

I’m annoyed by videos that take two minutes to start telling me how to do the simple Photoshop technique I have forgotten how to do. I almost always stop the video within seconds when they actually get to the point.

You know people dont read everything, right?

vintage meat loaf
I remember growing up in Vermont how much I loved my aunts meat loaf….
.blah blah blah

scroll scroll scroll....
…..and I thought my husband…..
scroll scroll...
and my kids never….
scroll scroll
pictures of meat loaf being made…
scroll scroll..
and then finally! the recipearg!


Keep your content short and to the point. and change it often to keep the internet robots interested.

If you have a podcast that goes longer than 20 minutes and never sells the product you are offering, you might be over doing it. Blogging, podcasting, and promotions are a lot of work. Optimize the time you spend on line promoting your business and makes sure your content is being read or heard.


If you have questions about wordpress, SEO, website security or podcasting send me an email at I’m happy to help. 

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