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Times, they are a changing for home based businesses


Actually the world changed over-night for just about everyone.
Not so much for the people already working from home.

Last year, I took a contract with an educational company while still maintaining my freelance clients and wordpress maintenance accounts. The “company” is notorious for inefficiency, so it wasn’t a shock to see that they create outdated material and were resistance to change. However, internal forces are at work encouraging the organization to get up to speed, at least into this century.

corona virusAlong comes corona virus.

With-in weeks the organization was forced to move their college curriculum on-line. You would think pandemonium would ensue, Instead there is a collective sigh of relief. People are purposeful and direct and are forward thinking. Of course, there is the usual frustration with technology, over use and disorganization; and of course, social isolation. Its encouraging to see that change is happening,

there is no going back.

—you dont need to be a weather man to know which way the wind blows. Bob Dylan, the subterranean home sick blues

If you have a small business this may be the time to re-evaluate your clients and your own business. My freelance clients are pretty diverse, but some appear to always be on the edge, some need to update for the times. For those that already work from home, the shift is almost unpreceptable. Work continues as usual. For me, it’s meant updating websites to state opening hours and operating conditions.

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We have enough to last the crisis, thank you!

Get Paid off, Get out of business?

  • Some will stop operations.
  • Some will blame someone else
  • Some will will say nothing works

Time to Re-Evaluate!

  • Some will realign and shift gears to a better idea
  • Some will re-energize and do what they have already been doing, just do it better.

It’s a great time to look at your website and figure out what it’s doing for you. Does it sell your product first thing, first glance?
Do you understand the technology enough to make it work for you without spending a lot of money? (Make sure you completely understand what is needed before you hit the buy button. If you dont understand hold off. There are no easy fixes, even if they are expensive.)

Are you doing any sort of promotion? anything? even free Social media?

When your less than desirable clients leave you, will you cry?

Are you the less than desirable client? (ouch!)

Take your time, rethink your business, heat up some Ramen and get ready for the new age.

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