Q. What is website maintenance?

A: WordPress is a web design system built on PHP, a scripting language that embeds content into web pages. The core parts of the system contains many many files.  You can add on to the system by installing plugins to do things like, build a contact form or integrate with other systems, like infusion soft, mail chimp or a shopping carts.  As time goes by and web technology has become more complex.  Hackers can find ways in thru all these different entry points, and those holes need to be patched.

Q. How often will you check my website for updates?

A. Usually I will check your website when I receive the monthly back up files in email.  If I know of a major wordpress Core update it will motivate me to look at everyone’s websites, and do so frequently as the plugins catch up and update to a new wordpress version. If I’m receiving notice that your website is unavailable frequently I probably will drop in and have a look. I also have been known to to check web sites when I discover new known issues. Of course if you have a question I’ll be right in the see what’s up. Ii try and connect with my clients often so you know Im here for you, small changes are no charge, and of course security updates are included.

Q. I want to optimize my website for SEO, what do you do?

A. First, I’ll set up Yoast SEO and connect to your google analytics account. I add meta tags snippets for search engine crawlers and keyword to pages and posts. I then see how the pages are loading and if I can optimize page load time. This will tell me if I need to work on your website images, scripting or other things that might be slowing your website down. I’ll add a site map and information for Bing. I’ll work with you and google to find the best settings and focus for your website. I don’t do everything at once, a thing that worked perfectly on this website where I test new plugins and scripts might break yours. I expect the process to be continuous and hope to get some good results.

Q. What results can I expect? What do you guarantee?

A. The success of your business depends on a huge vague amount of factors that can be influenced by your on line appearance.

  • Your website supports all your other promotional efforts and doesn’t work alone.
  • You should spend as much money on your website as intelligently makes sense. It is possible to spend too much or too little.
  • Approach all your digital website decisions mindfully.
  • Don’t jump into anything quickly or with fear.
  • If your web Content isnt working for you all the SEO in the world wont work either.
  • If your business plan is flawed your website wont change that.
  • As I dig into your website, some new issues, thoughts and improvements will become apparent.  It wont fix everything, but it’s a good start.

Q. Can I make changes to my website while you’re maintaining it?

A. Absolutely! If I see you doing something to compromise security I’ll mention it. You’ll know I’m on the job.

Q. I think my website has already been hacked. Can you help?

A. Yes! One of the beautiful things about wordpress it that is can be cleaned up pretty easily.  I’ll work with your hosting company and replace files as needed. If I have to re-install I can usually save everything see this: .Help! I Think my Website Has Been Hacked!

Q. What access should I give you on my website?

A. I’ll need my own wordpress log in, You can send me one or I can make one with yours. If you have Cpanel its easy for me work with your server, hosting and databases. If I can I’ll create a server log in to completely back up your website. Often I can become a technical user on your account so I can talk to hosting for you on the phone.

Q. Can you do other things besides fix and secure websites?

    • Podcast Production
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Motion media and social media graphics
    • Html/Css
    • Photoshop, and illustrator for design
    • Photoshop for photography
    • In design for print
    • PHP. java script
    • Shopping carts
    • Forms
    • CMS integration
    • Divi, element or and beaver builder
    • Payment gateways
    • Learning platforms
    • Security certificates
    • SEO and Google Analytics

I am a web designer, a graphic artist, skilled with print and photography and have advanced project management skills.   Since I worked in broadcasting for many years before learning web design. Much of my work involves audio video. About half of the work I currently do is producing podcasts.

Q. How much does a new website cost? 

A. You should expect to spend $1000-$1500 for a new wordpress website. Adding a shopping cart or membership/learning can double the price. Hmtl/CSS easily triples the project.

Q. How do you price your services? 

If you have a website already the $25 monthly maintenance is a great way to get to know me and have me do some small stuff. Otherwise I charge $50 per hour for web design services, audio editing, motion media and video production . See the my process page. I go into to deeper detail about how I work and charge for websites.

More questions? call or text  650 7044169 or use this contact form.

Want an idea of how your website is performing? See google page speed insights.