When It’s Time for Professional Help

  • You can't login to your WordPress admin panel
  • Your WordPress site is redirecting to another website
  • You've been told Google no longer lists your website (blacklisted)
  • Your WordPress site contains links to a strange website
  • Google is marking your website as dangerous
  • Your hosting company sent you an email telling you there's a problem
  • Your website is showing an odd message instead of the home page
  • Your website is down, removed by hosting
  • Your website says you have updates that need to be done, but are unsure if you should
  • Your website loads slow or shows a 500, 501, 503, or 504 error
  • You're really busy and don't have time for this stuff

How did this Happen? 

  • Poor choice of passwords, using Admin as a user name.
  • Outdated, insecure or untested Plugins
  • Insecure file transfer settings, password, user names. bad hosting!
  • Server level vulnerabilities. bad hosting!
  • Something snuck in from your home computer (less likely)

What to do about it

  • Back up everything and look at htacess and wp config
  • Replace most of your wordpress files
  • Reload content if needed
  • Reinstall if needed
  • Add security plugins and set up
  • Remove black listing
  • Talk to hosting, have them dig deeper
  • Have a third party security company look at it

Good practice for wordpress websites

  • Use generated passwords and difficult-to-guess user names
  • Install only reputable plugins and update them regularly
  • Set up a firewall, with a reputable wordpress plugin or as a service of your hosting
  • Set appropriate file permissions on your web server
  • Keep the computer you use to work on your web site clean and well maintained. Use antivirus and malware software.
  • Use google analytics and website monitors to keep an eye on your website.
  • Run regular back ups

I can do these things for you so you can devote your time to better things. 
Like SEO and promotions!