Enhanced SEO set up


To Start:

Install SEO Plugin
Install Google analytics
Install Bing file
Create and Upload a Sitemap.xml
Create and Upload a Robots.txt File
Check meta data
Check keywords on each page
Check back links
Check and create outgoing Links
Check Alts and Image size




I offer a SEO (search engine optimization) tune up to make sure your website is in good technical shape and visible to search engines.  Good SEO is part of a healthy website, but is no substitute for interesting content, its not a set it and forget it activity!

You can have great SEO on an ugly website
A beautiful website doesnt necessarily mean its functional
Without analysis you may not know what is working and what is not working for you
Website optimization is complex and time consuming
Consider finding the right digital activity that suits your personality to add to your website on a regular basis so that you have something to analyse!
Cross promoting your content to social media is critical, these efforts will bring the most visitors


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