Monthly WordPress Maintenance


At the beginning I:

make sure your log in is secure,
change data base prefixes
add a firewall, security and a SEO plugin,
Check file permissions
adjust settings, remove unused plugins and themes
put your website on a monitor to watch for outages.
Look at your hosting to see if promised upgrades and changes are set up.

Each month, I:
check your web site for updates,
back up your content, theme, and database.

If you do get hacked, I’m on it no extra charge



What is WordPress maintenance and why do I need it?

If you use word press website you probably choose the platform because of the versatility of design and easy content design, but the same thing that make wordpress desirable for business make it a target for hackers. They want to get into your website and divert it theirs, destroy your reputation or even pointlessly remove your website. Even the smallest website can have this happen. Since the process of being hacked is automated the attack can be relentless once it gets started. You won’t know it’s happening until it’s too late. It’s happening more and more and becoming more sophisticated.

Thankfully it’s a relatively easy situation to address. But It takes time, you probably have better things to do than following the constantly changing threats, updates and issues. That’s where I come in:


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