Set up Google Analytics

Add Website to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

Check Site Page Speed at Google PageSpeed Insights

Optimize images and alt tags

Install a SEO plug in

Yoast SEO for WordPress.

Install an SSL Certificate

These certificates usually cost less than $10 per month depending on your hosting. They instill confidence in your visitors and in search engines. security certificates are very important if you sell anything or collect private information (Read about HiPPA compliance) Certificates prove you are a reputable company.

If your website is a blog or doesnt sell anything then you dont need a SSL for security. Google will however mark your website “unsafe”

Check for Broken Links

Check for disreputable back links and work on disavowing them.

A back link is a link to you website from another website.
Hint: Many companies offer “SEO” enhancement and charge a lot for it. If they don’t access your website, they are only putting a links to it on another website. There’s no saying where they got them.

Validate Your HTML and CSS (for html websites)

Create and Upload a Sitemap.xml

Create and Upload a Robots.txt File

Look for Redirects

Test Your Website Load

Beef up the keywords

Research keywords that are gaining popularity using Google Trends. You also can use the tool to weigh keywords against each other and even check how a group of keywords are performing in different geographical areas.

Make Your Site Responsive

The new best practices for webdesign is mobile first  If your website does not look good on a cell phone we can talk about building a mobi site for you. There are good and bad things about a special website just for devices. However, if your website is very old, we probably are talking a redesign anyway to improve everything else. This is what neilsen has to say about mobi websites

 Social media

Yes please! Why spend hours, your hard earned cash and sweat making your website search well and then not promote it’s content? SEO without promotions is probably a waste of your time.


SEO Optimization

Pay $175 up front and decide later if you need ongoing SEO help each month. Convert your plan to SEO Maintenance and ongoing optimization after 90 days to $75 per month or to WordPress maintenance only to $25 per month.