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Why Use a WordPress Website Maintenance Service?

Monthly Website Maintenance

If you use word press for your website you probably choose the platform because of the versatility of design and easy content design, but the same thing that makes word press desirable for business make it a target for hackers. They want to get into your website and divert it theirs, destroy your reputation or even pointlessly remove your website. Even the smallest website can have this happen. Since the process of being hacked is automated the attack can be relentless once it gets started. You won’t know it’s happening until it’s too late. It’s happening more and more and becoming more sophisticated.

Start WordPress website maintenance today, get peace of mind and spend your time on your business, not fixing your website.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Even the best hosting can’t guarantee your website will be online 100% of the time. I’ll put your website on a monitoring service and see what happens when you aren’t looking. A long outage will alert me to a problem and cause an inspection about why it happened.

Back Up and Updates

While updating plug ins and word press is easy, you may have other things to do than work on your website. Occasionally when I do maintenance updates something breaks. That’s probably something you’d prefer I deal with instead of you or your staff.

An Emergency Plan in Place

I will back up your website so that in case of a total melt down I can have it back up quickly. Your theme, design and posts backed up and running, nothing gets lost. Best yet! you will have a web designer on “call”, a rare thing in this world of set it and forget it web design. Your emergency is my emergency.

I talk to tech support so you don’t have to.

Quick updates

Websites need to be updated with fresh content frequently.  Post an event, push to social media and drive people to your website. The monthly website plan includes an hour a month of quick spiffy or updates.

The Future of your Website

It may be you will need to refresh the appearance of your website in a few months or a couple of years. We can work on a plan when that happens to give you the fresh modern look you need.

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