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WordPress Website Security Services

If you use word press for your website you probably chose the platform because of easy content design, but the same thing that makes word press desirable for business make it a target for hackers. They want to get into your website and divert it theirs, destroy your reputation or even pointlessly remove your website. Even the smallest website can have this happen.

Gives Peace of mind, spend your time on your business, not fixing your website.

  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Secure web files and logins
  • Back Up and Updates
  • An Emergency Plan in Place
  • Compliance to privacy rules

I talk to tech support so you don’t have to.

Good to have

A Security certificate.  Search engines like this, it means you are serious about business. If you sell anything from your website, even if you use pay pal, you should have security certificate.
It means you are not fake.

Avoid the “not secure” warning on your website.

Content Updates

Push to social media from your website. This could be an article (blog) podcast (audio show) video, or merely social media updates. I’d love to help you create these.

The Future of your Website

We can work on a plan when that happens to give you the fresh modern look you need when you are ready.

How does your website look on a cell phone?